MTP Trunk Cable

●  Low insertion loss and back reflection loss.
●  High Precision of Mechanical Dimensions.
●  Compliane IEC 61754-7 Sectional Specification
●  Meet TIA / EIA 604-5 Type MPO
●  RoHS compliant.
●  100% Optic test.
●  Fiber Splitter Minimization
●  Test data tracing available
●  Each Cable with Printing available
    (S/N,P/N,Manufacturing Date...etc.

Type A Side B Side MTP Connector Type Fiber Type Cable Type Cable Color Jacket
Standard MTP/PC (Male) MTP/PC (Male) 1x12F SM G652D 12F Bare Ribbon Yellow PVC
Low loss MTP/PC (Female) MTP/PC (Female) 1x24F SM 657 A1 12F Ribbon Cable Aqua LSZH
  MTP/APC (Male) MTP/APC (Male) 2x12F SMG657 A2 12F Round Cable Magenta  
  MTP/APC (Female) MTP/APC (Female) 4x12F SM G657 B 24F Ribbon Cable Orange  
      6x12F MM OM1 62.5/125 24F Round Cable 12 Color  
      8x12F MM OM2 50/125 2x12F Round Cable    
      12x12F MM OM3 50/125 4x12F Round Cable    
        MM OM4 50/125 6x12F Round Cable    
          8x12F Round Cable    
          12x12F Round Cable    


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